Interested in stocking Toeds Stick on Flip Flops?

Why use Toeds ?

From a foot care point of view:

Toeds base is 15mm thick rather than just 5 or 10 which are available elsewhere, this extra cushioning is not only a lot more comfortable but it is also better for your ligaments, avoiding things such as shin splints, they also have a raised instep which is extremely important as this prevents the over-use of underlying structures and ligaments of the feet.

 From a customer care point of view:

We understand that not only is the quality of the product very important but also the service you receive. If we say we will deliver by a certain date, we will. If you have any problems we will address them immediately.

We aim to be the leader in this revolutionary footwear product, not just in terms of the product and satisfaction of your customers feet, but also for excellent customer service.

Quality Drives Toeds StickOnFlipFlops.

Please do call us to find out more.

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