Imagine flip flops that don’t flip or flop. Instead, our stick on flip flops simply cling to your feet, without the need for an ugly thong between your toes. Gone are all irritations and blisters, and suntan lines.

Pedicures are protected, as are your feet from the dangers and heat from the ground below. In this fun fashion item you feel like you are walking on air.


On a more serious note, a lot of our customers wear our Toeds, Stick On Flip Flops for medical reasons, whether it be for an uncomfortable bunion, ingrown toenail or athletes foot through to   a footwear solution after an operation, or people who for other reasons have problems wearing mainstream.

 Podiatrists, chiropodists and osteopaths all use our Stick on Flip Flops. These people choose to buy Toeds because it is of the best quality, and we intend to keep it that way, They have a 15mm sole for cushioning and a raised instep area that is extremely important to help prevent the overuse of underlying structures and ligaments of the feet - all this makes for a QUALITY footwear product that will be more comfortable to wear.   The Toeds brand assures our customers they are buying the best quality stick on flip flop.

. Also our customer care service before AND after sales is second to none.

Here are some of  the people that buy Toeds:

- Shops

- Podiatrists

- Chiropodists

- Beauticians

- Nail Bars

- Trendies (people who enjoy the hottest thing out)

- Nudists and Naturist (what could be closer to utterly nude?!)

- Pregnant Women (our feet swell!)

- Holiday Makers (no tan lines, heaven!)

- Mums (no time to change shoes, slippers, shoes, wellies....!)

- Older people who enjoy comfort

- People with foot problems

The list is inexhaustible; if you do not see yourself here please email us and we can add you!