They adhere to your feet like a second skin. You simply remove the plastic film when putting them on for the first time, and stick them to the bottom of your feet.

Toeds, Stick On Flip Flops are of the highest quality not only for stickiness but also from a medical point of view, they are 15mm thick rather than just 5 or 10 which are available elsewhere, this extra cushioning is not only a lot more comfortable but it is also better for your ligaments, avoiding things such as shin splints, They also have a raised instep which is extremely important to help prevent the over-use of underlying structures and ligaments of the feet.  Toeds offer the highest quality, most comfortable stick on flip flop experience!

. Prior to use, you must have Clean/Dry Feet
. Prior to use, you must have Clean/Dry flip flops
. When the stickiness diminishes, simply wash with a mild soap, water and a soft nail brush. Scrub the adhesive surface lightly (10-15 seconds), rinse and air dry. Your sandals are now ready to wear again.
. Avoid dishwasher or scouring soaps as the chlorine will remove the glue.
. Don't use soap with moisturisers or lotions.


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