What exactly are StickOnFlipFlops?
StickOnFlipFlops are a flexible flip flop conditioned with a clean water-based adhesive we call "the stick". StickOnFlipFlops have been specially designed to simulate walking barefoot while protecting the bottom of your feet.

How do you take the flip flops off?
Simply peel the flip flops off.

I need to walk around in these StickOnFlipFlops. There’s no way that thing is functional?
That’s not really a question, but we get what you’re saying. It does stay on your foot. The stick is highly bondable with the flip flop resembling more an extension of your own skin than a piece of footwear – which is why it is so comfortable.

Does the StickOnFlipFlops "stick" last long?
At least a season. It depends whether you live in them or not! All you have to do is clean the surface periodically with soap and water; dry, and presto, they’re as sticky and bondable as when you peeled off the seal. For best ‘stickage’ wash you feet and thoroughly dry before putting on.

What is StickOnFlipFlops sole made of?
The sole is a durable, treaded flexible rubber. The StickOnFlipFlops body has raised instep and gives you extra cushioning. This raised instep avoids toes clawing like normal flip flops and flat flip flops, so they are therapeutic too!

How quick can I get the StickOnFlipFlop?
Generally, we ship all products the same or next business day after you place your order.

What else do I need to know about StickOnFlipFlops?
You should know that StickOnFlipFlops are the vanguard of a whole new footwear trend. What’s more comfortable than a flip-flop? Losing the toe strap.